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We are currently busy making MAGIC happen.

Our technology at a glance

 1) Wound-creating impact is instantly detected:
Pressure thresholds can be configured depending on operating environment (exposure to blast & concussion, gunshots, spinal/neck injuries) and user 

2) The autonomous garment automatically activates pressure bladders over and around entry and exit wounds to stop external hemorrhage:
Instant activation immediately stops bleeding during the initial minutes, which determine survival
Inward pressure is maintained by the strength grade of the garment
Pressure can be maintained until de-activation by medic or in medical care facility

3) Control Unit sends diagnostic data through ATAK to unit commander, unit buddies, or headquarters, triggering remote diagnostic and/or medevac:
Our data telemetry format is consistent with US and NATO standard 9-Line Medical Evacuation Request Protocol
Data sensors and GPS can be configured to fit the operating environment and mission profile